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strange bug(?) with a query

hi all,

i have a strange behaviour with a request :

for example 

ldapsearch -h xxxxxx -b
"ou=hostnames,ou=mail,ou=clients,dc=xx,dc=xxx" -x

This query *crash* (yes, you have read crash) the OpenLDAP server.
The ObjectClass Sendmail-Host is personnal, but i don't have error.
(work fine with sendmail as example). If i change the base dn, the
query will not crash the server.

So, my questions are :

are there some restrictions in objectclass/attribut name (maybe the -
is forbidden ?)

and in all the cases, i'll want to know how a bad request may crash
the server...

I hope you can help me about this strange problem.

Bruno Bonfils                                 http://www.debian-fr.org