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Re: strange bug(?) with a query

Bruno Bonfils wrote:
hi all,

i have a strange behaviour with a request :

for example

ldapsearch -h xxxxxx -b
"ou=hostnames,ou=mail,ou=clients,dc=xx,dc=xxx" -x

This query *crash* (yes, you have read crash) the OpenLDAP server.
The ObjectClass Sendmail-Host is personnal, but i don't have error.
(work fine with sendmail as example). If i change the base dn, the
query will not crash the server.

So, my questions are :

are there some restrictions in objectclass/attribut name (maybe the -
is forbidden ?)


and in all the cases, i'll want to know how a bad request may crash the server...

Of course it should not. Note that your message is of very limited help in finding the reasons of this crash. Please file an ITS (http://www.openldap.org/its) with a little more details (version, OS, backtrace of the crashed server, ...)