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Re: Password Migration

On Monday 08 July 2002 10:18, Jason Joines wrote:
>      I am trying to migrate all my Linux and Samba user
> authentication to LDAP.  All works fine when I add new users but how
> do I add existing users without changing their passwords?
>      I tried copying the values from /etc/shadow and /etc/smbpasswd
> to the values in userPassword, lmPassword, and ntPassword but this
> doesn't work.
> Jason Joines
> Open Source = Open Minds
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     After playing around a bit further, I found what was going on.  For 
the userPassword value, I had to use "{crypt}value_in_shadow".  I 
thought my machine was using MD5 and had tried "{MD5}value_in_shadow" 
and just "value_in_shadow".  I used SuSE Linux 8.0's YAST2 to configure 
MD5 passwords and it apparently did not make the necessary changes so I 
was not actually using MD5 but crypt.
     For the lmPassword and ntPassword values, the corresponding entries 
in /etc/smbpasswd worked just fine, it seemed to take a few minutes to 
take affect though.