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Re: Password expiry email notification.

Ahhh, OK.

At the risk of being a dumb ass, is there an easy way to work out the time the password was last changed from the pwdmustchange attribute ???

David Heremans wrote:

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 11:20:16AM +0100, Huw wrote:

Hi there ldap guru's :)

I am realtivly new to ldap and I have a quick question.

I use openldap with pam/nss for authentication at my site and would like to have an email automatically generated and sent to a given user a few days before their password expires.

Is there a feature within openldap that will automatically email users when their password is about to expire?

No, this has nothing to do with ldap, but with the environment in which ldap is used to store data for. So it is up to 'the environment' to retrieve data from ldap and make the comparison and send mails if needed.

An ldap is just something that stores data, like a database or

Your question could be considered like asking if your filesystem could
send you mails when a certain file as been on your harddisk for two
weeks. Clearly your filesystem can not. But a program could run
periodically and look at those dates and then send a mail if needed...