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Re: OpenLDAP + Microsoft Outlook

man, 2002-07-08 kl. 15:52 skrev Irving Carrion:

> P.S.  I've been looking for anything OPENSOURCE that could compete with MS
> Outlook.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  I've looked at
> sourceforge and freshmeat with no luck.

For Gnome (Linux) there's Ximian Evolution that I use (i.e., for this
posting). Has o.k. LDAPv2 support, but no calendaring. Exchange MAPI
support and calendaring are available for a price per seat, thus not
free, but AFAIK open source.

Also, OpenOffice.org (groupware@whiteboard.openoffice.org) is working on
groupware which is to do the same, open source and no cost.




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