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OpenLDAP + Microsoft Outlook

Hello All,


            Hopefully someone out there has experienced the same problem or limitation I'm dealing with now.  I have set up a basic LDAP installation running on a debian system and have imported all of our users.  I'm able to query it just fine from the command prompt and I can see all of the contacts / users in MS Outlook when I perform a query.  The problem I'm having is that when I close MS Outlook and open it up again the users / contacts disappear.  In order to see them again, I have to re-query the LDAP database or add them 1 by 1 to my personal address book.  With MS Exchange the list appeared automatically with no user intervention.  Can't I have it query one time and keep the list without having to re-query every time I close MS Outlook.


I'm aware that this question is not totally related to OpenLDAP and its ability as an LDAP.  I'm also aware of it being a limitation in MS Outlook.  It probably should be directed towards the folks at Microsoft.  I was just hoping someone from this list has experienced this and could give me a viable solution.


Any help MUCH appreciated.






P.S.  I've been looking for anything OPENSOURCE that could compete with MS Outlook.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  I've looked at sourceforge and freshmeat with no luck.