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Re: OpenLDAP + Microsoft Outlook

Try http://www.bynari.net/downloads.html

They have a free Outlook clone for Linux and Solaris.

They also have a LDAP address book that looks like the standard
Exchange Global Address List (GAL), but it's an Outlook plugin for  win32 platforms. Runs in all versions of Outlook and replaces the Microsoft LDAP services which is only a slow and clumsy LDAP search tool.

"Dean Gibson (Mail Adminstrator)" <postmaster@ultimeth.net> wrote:

>Pine / PC-Pine is the open source eMail client that is closest to being a reasonable competitor to Outlook at the present.  Pine does support LDAP & SSL;  however, it has an inconsistent user interface and is a bit "clunky", in my opinion.
>I'm working on a Java eMail client that will support LDAP/SSL and hopefully be similar in "look & feel" to Outlook.  It's at least a month away from being ready, and whether I make it publicly available and how (e.g., open source) is an open question at present.
>-- Dean Gibson
>Irving Carrion wrote on 2002-07-08 06:52:
>>Hello All,
>>P.S.  I've been looking for anything OPENSOURCE that could compete with MS Outlook.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  I've looked at sourceforge and freshmeat with no luck.

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