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Re: Replicating Lotus Domino Master LDAP Server with OPENLDAP Slave server

Domino doesn't "send updates" the same way that OpenLDAP does.  I think that the 
best bet to get this working would be to write an interface program that would act 
like a Domino server doing a replication request.  This "interface" could talk to 
Domino like another server and discover the new records the Domino way and then 
reformat and then pass those updates to the OpenLDAP slave in a format that 
OpenLDAP likes.  You can find more information about the Domino API from the 
Lotus site.

Another way would be to periodically query the Domino server for all records and 
then determine which ones of those don't appear in the OpenLDAP version.  Then 
just apply those that are needed.  Although I couldn't do it, this should be something 
that could be done fairly easily with Perl.  You could run this process as often as 

How up to date does your information have to be?  How fast does it change?  
Depending upon your situation, it might even be acceptable to reload all data into 
your OpenLDAP machine from Domino once per day or so.  Although not the most 
elegant, it should work for some and obviously is the simplest.  On the other hand, if 
you need it to be more up to date, then you might have to do something more 

If you get this working reliably, please report back to the list.  I know that there are 
others would be interested.


On 3 Jun 2002 at 10:04, Michael Fuller wrote:

> We are running a Lotus Domino Mail server with LDAP services which is
> searchable with MS Outlook Express. I want to use openldap on Red Hat
> 7.3 as a slave LDAP server to replicate this information. How do I
> acheive this ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.