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Re: Replicating Lotus Domino Master LDAP Server with OPENLDAP Slave server

On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Allan Lyons wrote:

> Domino doesn't "send updates" the same way that OpenLDAP does.  I think that the
> best bet to get this working would be to write an interface program that would act
> like a Domino server doing a replication request.  This "interface" could talk to
> Domino like another server and discover the new records the Domino way and then
> reformat and then pass those updates to the OpenLDAP slave in a format that
> OpenLDAP likes.  You can find more information about the Domino API from the
> Lotus site.

That would be quite a massive undertaking, as you'd have to support the Domino
replicator. I'd imagine that a Domino agent in names.nsf triggered by
"when documents have been modified"  or "when documents have been created" could
do the job...