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Re: config failure

At 12:45 PM 2002-05-24, sridhar Kondoji wrote:

>Hi all i asked this question earlier but ......
>configure is not able to locate ssl and ldbm.
>How and where should i mention these locations to configure.
>Right now my ssl is in folder /mascoma2/install/ssl_instal
>    (bin,include,lib,ssl)
>ldbm is in /mascoma2/install/Bdb_install  (bin,docs,include,lib)

Adjust your environment... something like:

 env CPPFLAGS="-I/mascoma2/install/ssl_instal/include \
   -I/mascoma2/install/Bdb_install/include" \
   LDFLAGS="-L/mascoma2/install/ssl_instal/lib \
   -I/mascoma2/install/Bdb_install/lib" \
   ./configure ...

>iam trying to install ldap server in location
>     /mascoma2/install/ldap_install

Add --prefix=/mascoma2/install/ldap_install