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Re: increased performance

sounds reasonable.

thanks for the info.


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> I have a small ldap directory (~100 entries) that I use for IMAP/POP
> authentication on my mail server.  I'm trying to increase performance of
> directory and came up with the idea to place the directory
> on to a ramdrive.  My question is how would I sync those files on the
> ramdrive with a physical drive.  Is there a way to get openldap to use the
> ramdrive for all reads and send writes to both the ramdrive and a backup
> of files (say /var/lib/ldap-back). On bootup the ramdrive would be mounted
> and the files from /var/lib/ldap-back copied to it.  The reverse obviously
> happening on halt.
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> David Wright already gave an excellent response. Just a brief comment: in
> general a properly configured cache will be more efficient and perform far
> better than any ramdrive. RAMdrives are mainly useful on systems where the
> actual apps are incapable of using all of the available RAM, and only when
> you don't care about long-term existence of the written data.
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