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RE: increased performance

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I have a small ldap directory (~100 entries) that I use for IMAP/POP
authentication on my mail server.  I'm trying to increase performance of the
directory and came up with the idea to place the directory (/var/lib/ldap/*)
on to a ramdrive.  My question is how would I sync those files on the
ramdrive with a physical drive.  Is there a way to get openldap to use the
ramdrive for all reads and send writes to both the ramdrive and a backup set
of files (say /var/lib/ldap-back). On bootup the ramdrive would be mounted
and the files from /var/lib/ldap-back copied to it.  The reverse obviously
happening on halt.
David Wright already gave an excellent response. Just a brief comment: in
general a properly configured cache will be more efficient and perform far
better than any ramdrive. RAMdrives are mainly useful on systems where the
actual apps are incapable of using all of the available RAM, and only when
you don't care about long-term existence of the written data.

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