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RE: Some queries regarding Schema, Triggering Notification etc.

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> Hi,
>             I am very new to LDAP. I have a long list of queries:-
> 1)  I want to store an array of structure in a LDAP directory. I am using
> Openldap 2.0.23 package, LDBM backend.
> How to write a schema definition for an object containing such a complex
> attribute. Perhaps I can use binary syntax for this
> but will it be portable across all kinds of backend.

Schema design is always a question of what you need to do with the actual
data. If you need to be able to access elements of the structures, then you
should probably define a single objectclass that represents a single
structure. Is the array a simple vector or is it multidimensional? If you
don't need to reach into individual elements of the array using LDAP then of
course you can just flatten it into a binary byte stream. The portability
then depends on the algorithm you use to flatten the structures.

> 2) Which database backends does Openldap 2.0.23 support.

The primary backend is back-ldbm which sits on top of standard (key,data)
oriented database libraries. You can also use back-sql to interface to a
relational database. I don't consider the other backends to be database
related, although back-shell can probably be made to do anything.

> 3) Does Openldap 2.0.23 handle concurrency issues well .

That's a broad, subjective question. Perhaps you can refine the question a
There have been concurrency issues but I believe they've been solved.
you should believe it or not depends on your needs and purpose...

> 4) In my case my LDAP client needs to get a trigger in case an
> operator makes
> some changes to the data. Is it possible
>      with openldap 2.0.23.

Code to provide this feature does not exist in OpenLDAP. Whether or not it
is feasible in 2.0.23 depends on how much new code you're willing to write
make it work. Anything is possible...

> 5) Information about C api support for case 4) above.
> Thanx in advance.
> Shashi
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