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Re: broken pipe - serious problem with OpenLDAP 2.0.21

> From:  Michael Torrie <torriem@cs.byu.edu>
> Date:  17 Apr 2002 10:32:03 -0600
> We're trying to run OpenLDAP 2.0.21 in a production environment
> supporting unix logins and samba.  We have a serious problem thats
> started to happen more and more in the last few weeks (probably load
> related).
> About 3 times a day, the LDAP server just stops responding.  The log
> files of clients complain they can't contact the LDAP server.  The
> server is still running, it's just that no one can connect.  Many
> commands on the clients just return "broken pipe."  This is a serious
> problem and it's causing a lot of problems, especially with our mail
> server.  Users are getting bumped from mailing lists because these
> periodic outages cause sendmail to report "Unknown users."
> Has anyone experienced this?  Is it just that OpenLDAP doesn't scale?=20
> We only support about 4000 users on one server.  I'd turn on debugging
> but I don't know what level would be appropriate.  Too much debugging
> output slows OpenLDAP way down and the users notice very slow logins.
> Thank you.  If I could just solve this huge problem, I'd be very happy
> with OpenLDAP.

I had a similar problem which went away when after I went through all my perl 
scripts that used perl-ldap and made sure that they properly closed their
connections to the LDAP server before they ended.  Once I stopped leaving stray 
connections to the server all over the place, things got *much* better, and I 
haven't seen a problem since.


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