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broken pipe - serious problem with OpenLDAP 2.0.21

We're trying to run OpenLDAP 2.0.21 in a production environment
supporting unix logins and samba.  We have a serious problem thats
started to happen more and more in the last few weeks (probably load

About 3 times a day, the LDAP server just stops responding.  The log
files of clients complain they can't contact the LDAP server.  The
server is still running, it's just that no one can connect.  Many
commands on the clients just return "broken pipe."  This is a serious
problem and it's causing a lot of problems, especially with our mail
server.  Users are getting bumped from mailing lists because these
periodic outages cause sendmail to report "Unknown users."

Has anyone experienced this?  Is it just that OpenLDAP doesn't scale? 
We only support about 4000 users on one server.  I'd turn on debugging
but I don't know what level would be appropriate.  Too much debugging
output slows OpenLDAP way down and the users notice very slow logins.

Thank you.  If I could just solve this huge problem, I'd be very happy
with OpenLDAP.


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