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RE: broken pipe - serious problem with OpenLDAP 2.0.21

Good day,

Adding my two cents too... if that is in fact the problem, it's probably a
good idea to post something to Redhat's bugzilla site.  I've done that a
number of times since my RH install a few months ago, and they often (but
not always) come back with a new package in a day or so if one can provide
enough data to reproduce the problem.

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Just my two cents worth...
I recently set up an LDAP server w/Kerberos/SASL authentication. I am using
RH72. It worked nicely with the 2.0.11 rpms, but when I attempted the exact
same install with the 2.0.21 rpms it failed every time, no communication via
SASL to Kerberos. I had originally thought it was incompatibility with newer
LDAP/older SASL, but since then I've heard numerous stories about RH's
2.0.21 rpm not working for various reasons. I would probably place the blame
on that, rather than the LDAP version itself. If you want to use rpms (as I
did) I would recommend using the older version (also as I did).

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> On Wed, 2002-04-17 at 09:42, Adam Williams wrote:
> > What is your platform/OS?
> RedHat Linux 7.2, stock stuff, with RedHat's OpenLDAP rpms.
> >
> > If Linux have you increased the number of available file
> handles, etc...
> Yes.  File handles are at max.
> >
> >
> > Is your OpenLDAP threaded?
> Yes.  Can it handle the load of 400 client machines in non-threaded
> mode?
> Michael
> >
> > >commands on the clients just return "broken pipe."  This
> is a serious
> > >problem and it's causing a lot of problems, especially
> with our mail
> > >server.  Users are getting bumped from mailing lists because these
> > >periodic outages cause sendmail to report "Unknown users."
> > >Has anyone experienced this?  Is it just that OpenLDAP
> doesn't scale?
> > >We only support about 4000 users on one server.  I'd turn
> on debugging
> > >but I don't know what level would be appropriate.  Too
> much debugging
> > >output slows OpenLDAP way down and the users notice very
> slow logins.
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