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Re: Repost : Multiple inheritance

On Thursday, 11. April 2002 11:50, Pascal OFFREDO wrote:
> Hi,
> I repost my message because my computer's clock want not set correctly.
> I'd like to create a new object class based on 2 structural classes ...
> it seems to be possible according to chapter 4.4 of rfc 2252.

No it is not. RFC 2252 is somewhat inprecise in this respect (speaking about 
structural object classes), but it referrs to the X.500 Object model. 
Structural object classes build a single object class chain; multiple 
inheritance is not possible.

You can circumvent this problem somehow by introducing auxiliary object 
classes (an Object can have an arbitrary number of auxiliary object class 
chains but must have exactly one structural object class chain).

> Now, how do i have to define it's SUPeriors if later i want to do do a
> search based on either objectclass ?

Stephan Siano

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