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Re: Repost : Multiple inheritance

--On Donnerstag, 11. April 2002 12:39 +0200 Stephan Siano <stephan.siano@suse.de> wrote:

No it is not. RFC 2252 is somewhat inprecise in this respect (speaking
about  structural object classes), but it referrs to the X.500 Object
model.  Structural object classes build a single object class chain;
multiple  inheritance is not possible.

Multiple inheritance IS possible:
"An object class may be derived from two or more direct superclasses (superclasses not part of the same superclass chain). This feature of subclassing is termed multiple inheritance." [X.501(1993) section 8.3]

There can however be only one "structural object class of the entry", i.e. the superclass chain formed by all structural object classes in the entry's object class list "has a single structural object class as the most subordinate object classs".

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