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Re: Difference ldap server - ils server

>I have a general question about the difference between a ldap server and an
>ILS server (internet location server)
>I guess an ILS server is also a ldap server, but an ILS server is only used
>for neetmeeting? (correct?)

ILS servers are only used for ILS clients. :)  So pretty much just
NetMeeting,  but there may be others floating about.  GNOMEMeeting
supports ILS.

>can an ILS server contain any information that is not netmeeting related?

Yes & no.  A DSA can have multiple roots,  one can be the dit used by
the ILS service, another can be the "normal" LDAP dit.  ILS breaks the
LDAP standard in a couple of ways so you probably don't want to try and
mix them.

>A normal ldap server can contain any kind of information,
>but I guess you can use a normal ldap server also for netmeeting ?

No,  you can't use an LDAP server as an ILS server without a shim
layer.  I have an extensive ILS section in my LDAP presentation

>I do know that for netmeeting a particular syntax is needed for each entry,
>(objectClass=RTPerson etc....)


>and that there is also a non-standard impemenation of the 'refresh' function
>in order to signal to the ils server that an entry is still alive,


>and that the entry may not be deleted
>(for netmeeting a search must be done for the cn with attibute sttl to reset
>a timer that contains a time to live counter)
>I do not know how this is done for a normal ldap server.... (can anyone
>expain in short? or give a link)

LDAP has no "refresh" concept.  You need to use a shim layer
(netmeeting.perl) to manage these 'extensions'.