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Re: Non ASCII char in dn?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Jean-Rene Cormier wrote:

Is there a way to put Non ASCII chars in the dn? I'm trying to add some
entries using dn: o=some company,ou=someplace,dc=mydomain,dc=com with
french characters in the o but it doesn't work even if it's UTF8 encode
is there another way I can do that?

The generic answer is: yes; see rfc2256 and draft-ietf-ldapbis-dn-XX.txt
basically you need to turn them in UTF-8 and then encode them as '\'+HEXPAIR, where HEXPAIR is a couple of hexadecimal digits that represent each octet of your char.

Is hex-escaping really necessary for UTF-8 chars? I understand RFC2253, section 2.4 a little bit different.

BTW: I'm using UTF-8 encoded german umlauts in DNs with OpenLDAP REL_ENG_2 without problems.

Ciao, Michael.