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RE: disabling special characters in ldapsearch

If I recall:

\ in the string means a new line and it will search on the coming string
hence you have the same result.

To avoid people using wild cards you need something called exact string
matching, forcing people to enter the exact string. I don't remember how to
do this but I recall it being a directive in a config file. I am not sure if
openldap has this capability and I am unable to verify this from here. Maybe
one of the other members of the list can confirm this operation.

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Subject: disabling special characters in ldapsearch

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I have encountered a problem with ldapsearch..following are my

ldapsearch -b "o=rootdir" "(uid=kannan)"

the above search returns a success and everybody is happy..

ldapsearch -b "o=rootdir" "(uid=\kannan)"

now the above search also returns  success throwing the same result as it
do for the username without the \
Has anyone come acroos this...Any sugesstions as to how to restrict such
characters would be great..The issue is only with \ not any other special

I have another observation..

ldapsearch -b "o=rootdir" "(uid=*kannan)"

now with the asterix sign it seraches the entire tree which is not something
great on a backend with a large number of records...Can i disable this

thanx in advance



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