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disabling special characters in ldapsearch

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I have encountered a problem with ldapsearch..following are my observations..

ldapsearch -b "o=rootdir" "(uid=kannan)"

the above search returns a success and everybody is happy..

ldapsearch -b "o=rootdir" "(uid=\kannan)"

now the above search also returns  success throwing the same result as it would
do for the username without the \
Has anyone come acroos this...Any sugesstions as to how to restrict such special
characters would be great..The issue is only with \ not any other special

I have another observation..

ldapsearch -b "o=rootdir" "(uid=*kannan)"

now with the asterix sign it seraches the entire tree which is not something
great on a backend with a large number of records...Can i disable this too...

thanx in advance



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