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modifying only one attribute value of record.

Hello All,
                       I have two problems-
1.  I want to modify only one attribute value of  a record.
       Suppose I have  following attribute- Source IP, Destination IP,
source Port, Destination Port,  status.
       Suppose At one point  of time, I have  record with   some
attribute's value. But let's say status  keeps on changing. So other
points of time, I only want to modify only status value without
supplying  other fixed attribute value. Can any body help me out, It
would be really good if somebody has that kind of code available .
2.  Supposing that  I have one multi attribute , I ant to
add/update/delete  one value of this kind of attribute ? How can I do
this , I searched on Net but couldn't find it.  It would be nice if
somebody can help me out .

Looking for  help.
Thanks in advance