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Java + LDAP it works :)

Hi all,

thanks to all people once more who try to help me. I have do the following

1. I have use the posting from Brandon Amundson [bamundson@bbn.com] from
04.04.2002 16:27 there a description how you can create and handle with
certificates to create my own certificates.

2. after that I have strip the created certificate from all its text to keep
only the -CERTIFICATE- section . Then is use the command to openssl x509 -in
cacert.pem -out cacert.crt and copy it to client side.

3. Then I add the cacert.crt with the command "keytool -import -alias
"newreq.der" -file "cacert.crt" -trustcacerts -keystore "Path" to the

First time my Problem was to understand the sequence of the using of
certificates and the names CA,signed certificate, Root certificate ........ 

My Problem was I think that I copy the newreq.pem 1:1 from server side to
client-side without step 2 which I have described and added them to keystore
(that's a fatal error, because the newreq.pem includes the private key :)).

And finally it works in combine with the JNDI-Example :) 

Ferruh Zamangoer