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Re: Total ldap Newbie question, hit me if you want.

--Le mercredi 3 avril 2002 22:45 +0100 Sean Rima <sean@tcob1.net> disait:

After some time using Linux, I have decided that it is time to extend my
knowledge of various detailed aspects and OpenLdap was the one that I
decided to hit upon.

I installed the latest openldap server and utils and have done the basic
setup as per the quick start guide.

I grabbed a HOWTO and tried to add a user:
dn: cn=Sean Rima,dc=tcob1,dc=net
objectClass: person
cn: Sean Rima
cn: The Civvie
sn: Rima
title: The One and Only
mail: sean@tcob1.net
uid: sean

but when I do ldapadd -f newex I get: adding new entry "cn=Sean Rima,dc=tcob1,dc=net" ldap_add: Object class violation additional info: attribute 'title' not allowed

ldif_record() = 65

I have gone through the docs and cannot dind out what I am doing wrong


Error code 65 indicates an InsufficientModestyError. Titles such as "The One and Only", "The Best", "His or Her Highness", etc. are not allowed by RFC2251.

David Olivier

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