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RE: slapindex slapadd and corrupt indexes

The released version of slapindex does not rebuild the dn2id database. The
2.1.0alpha version does.

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> Subject: slapindex slapadd and corrupt indexes
> Hi,
> We have been bitten by the corrupt indexes problem that has  been
> discussed lately in the list.
> In our directory we have for each uid attribute 2 entries. Let's say
> that entries with attribute uid=abcd have become corrupted, when we
> search for an exact match (uid=abcd) we get the two entries. When we
> search for a substring match in the form (uid=abcd*), and the attribute
> that exists is uid=abcd, we get only one entry.
> At this point we decided to reindex using slapindex, but this did not
> solve the problem. After having a look at the db files we realized that
> dn2id.dbb was not rebuilt. So we decided to slapcat -> slapadd, all
> files  were rebuilt including dn2id.dbb. Our corruption problem is for
> now solved.
> Is this behaviour correct?? Shouldn't slapindex rebuild dn2id too??
> I want to mention that the master server and all the replicas are
> equally corrupted. We are running redhat 7.1 and OpenLdap 2.0.15.
> Someone on the list wrote tha redhat's 7.1 thread library was broken,
> could someone please tell us which libraries are ok to use ??
> Thanks a lot
> Salvador Salanova Fortmann