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slapindex slapadd and corrupt indexes


We have been bitten by the corrupt indexes problem that has been discussed lately in the list.

In our directory we have for each uid attribute 2 entries. Let's say that entries with attribute uid=abcd have become corrupted, when we search for an exact match (uid=abcd) we get the two entries. When we search for a substring match in the form (uid=abcd*), and the attribute that exists is uid=abcd, we get only one entry.

At this point we decided to reindex using slapindex, but this did not solve the problem. After having a look at the db files we realized that dn2id.dbb was not rebuilt. So we decided to slapcat -> slapadd, all files were rebuilt including dn2id.dbb. Our corruption problem is for now solved.

Is this behaviour correct?? Shouldn't slapindex rebuild dn2id too??

I want to mention that the master server and all the replicas are equally corrupted. We are running redhat 7.1 and OpenLdap 2.0.15.

Someone on the list wrote tha redhat's 7.1 thread library was broken, could someone please tell us which libraries are ok to use ??

Thanks a lot

Salvador Salanova Fortmann