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RE: One directory server, multiple roots

Sorry sent the last note without completing.
The following provides the uniquness in your environment, but ensure you
root starting point is dc=com and private to you (as many orgs start with

dc=company a, dc=com
dc=company b, dc=com
dc=company c, dc=com
dc=company d, dc=com

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Subject: One directory server, multiple roots

Our company may need to maintain LDAP directories for
multiple companies.  Each one is really its own root.
Eventually, the directories may relocate to their respective
companies, but before that happens I'm wondering if
LDAP servers can be configured to support multiple roots.

For instance, querying our companies ldap server, the search
base is dc=efinnet,dc=com.  Searching another company's
directory would use the base of dc=acme,dc=com.

Can both be implemented on the same server at port 389?