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Re: ask help about using the md5 password of openldap to cvs password

Also Sprach ËïÓñР<syx@dhc.com.cn> on Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 03:53:38AM PST
> In my system,i have a openldap server.My linux system use pam.d(nss) get
> all user and group info.
> Now i want to build a cvs server with passwd authentication.
> The cvs passwd file knows crypt and md5 password I get from the
> /etc/shadow file.
> But the openldap use other password with md5.The crypt password from
> ldap works well,the md5 password doesn't.
> I want to use java(jsp) make a cvs password file from openldap server with
> md5 password.
> How can i do?
> I've got:
> linux md5 password = bb:$1$YXNkZmdo$3BR2ismHazeVy/UshG5oRw:
> openldap md5 password = {MD5}ovfWqqSt/SApu6Qfv/+79Q==  (with no salt)
> openldap md5 password = {SMD5}ovfWqqSt/SApu6Qfv/+79xxxxxxx  (with salt)
> How can i convert a openldap (s)md5 password to a linux md5 password?
> Sorry for my poor english.

There is a difference between the MD5 password that crypt() locally
with generate (a BSD-derived feature) and the one that LDAP uses
with '{MD5}'.  The first should be tagged with '{crypt}' in LDAP and
the underlying libcrypt needs to understand that if the hash starts
with '$1$' then it's an MD5 hash; this is true for most Linux and
BSD systems, but I don't know how well commerical UNIX systems do
with it.  The '{MD5}' hash is different although the algorithm is
the same.  I don't think you can convert easily between the two.
So if you want to use the one that CVS will understand, you need
to figure out how to generate one (the man pages for crypt(3) and
encrypt(3) don't mention MD5) and insert it into directory with
'{crypt}' password type.  (The only way I know to create one is by
using 'passwd' and copying the hash from /etc/shadow or /etc/passwd,
but you might be able to do it the 'openssl' command.)

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