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ask help about using the md5 password of openldap to cvs password

In my system,i have a openldap server.My linux system use pam.d(nss) get
all user and group info.

Now i want to build a cvs server with passwd authentication.
The cvs passwd file knows crypt and md5 password I get from the
/etc/shadow file.

But the openldap use other password with md5.The crypt password from
ldap works well,the md5 password doesn't.

I want to use java(jsp) make a cvs password file from openldap server with
md5 password.
How can i do?

I've got:
linux md5 password = bb:$1$YXNkZmdo$3BR2ismHazeVy/UshG5oRw:
openldap md5 password = {MD5}ovfWqqSt/SApu6Qfv/+79Q==  (with no salt)
openldap md5 password = {SMD5}ovfWqqSt/SApu6Qfv/+79xxxxxxx  (with salt)

How can i convert a openldap (s)md5 password to a linux md5 password?

Sorry for my poor english.

Thanks for any help.