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Re: Extending the schema: What about OIDs?

>We have created a local schema file which defines the attributes and object
>classes that are specific to us.
>Our slapd.conf includes core.schema and our local schema file.
>Everything works well this way.
>Having read about OIDs, I have clarification on defining the ids for the all
>the entries.
>The OIDs for all the attributes/object classes continue to be the same in
>the core.schema.

They are defined by the same authority.  The OID should remain the same.

>In the local schema we have just added new ids, ids just extending from
>similar ones from core schema.
>( for instance, defined a 'myattribute' with a id 1.4.1)  
>This works well on our local server. 

As well it should.

>What is the need to obtain a fully registered OID?

Go to IANA's web site.

>Even if we obtain a OID,  

"IF"!  If you define schema you need your *OWN* OID.

> then do we need to change the core schema as well?
>Or do we need to change only the local schema attributes?

No, do not adjust existing schema,  those are the OIDs of that schema,  
defined by people with authority to use that OID.

I have a section on OIDs in my LDAP presentation - 
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