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Extending the schema: What about OIDs?



We have created a local schema file which defines the attributes and object classes that are specific to us.


Our slapd.conf includes core.schema and our local schema file.


Everything works well this way.




Having read about OIDs, I have clarification on defining the ids for the all the entries.


The OIDs for all the attributes/object classes continue to be the same in the core.schema.


In the local schema we have just added new ids, ids just extending from similar ones from core schema.


( for instance, defined a 'myattribute' with a id 1.4.1) 




This works well on our local server.




What is the need to obtain a fully registered OID?




Even if we obtain a OID, then do we need to change the core schema as well?


Or do we need to change only the local schema attributes?




Please clarify





Jeeva Venkataraman,

Software Engineer,MediaOcean.

Everything is permanent, till it changes and after it changes, its permanent again.