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Re: Schema for Mac OS X attributes?

>Does anyone know of a pre-defined schema for Mac OS X-specific 
>ie attribute entries (oid, EQUALITY and Syntax) for home_loc and 
>homeDirectory maps pretty well to Apple's NFSHome. I'd like to harvest 
>Auth information via DirectoryServices, since this method is supported 
>by Apple, and since I've gotten it work with iPlanet and ActiveDirectory.
>I'm thinking probably a new schema, with an objectclass something like 
>objectclass ( NAME 'mosxAccount' SUP top AUXILIARY
>         DESC 'Abstraction of account for Mac OS X'
>         MUST ( homeDirLoc )
>         MAY ( applemail ) )
>attributetype ( (what goes hee?) NAME 'homeDirLoc'
>         DESC 'Apple's XML blob for finding a home dir'
>         EQUALITY caseExactIA5Match
>attributetype ( (what goes hee?) NAME 'applemail'
>         DESC 'Apple's XML blob for mail prefs'
>         EQUALITY caseExactIA5Match
>Can I arbitrarily define an oid? 

No.  You have to get an OID from IANA,  do **NOT** make one up.  Once
you get and OID you can make as many objectclasses/attributes as you
want (at your own peril of course,  best to try and use well-known
ones).  I have an explanation of OIDs in my LDAP presentation
(ftp://kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/ldapv3.pdf)  and I think the FAQ at
openldap.org talks about them too.

>In iPlanet, I believe a unique oid was 
>suggested when we added the attribute. AD did not require one- I just 
>defined hom_loc as an optional user property.

Well, yes, thats AD....

>(while I'm at it, will the above work for the hom_loc and applemail 
>Ideas ?

Sorry, I don't know anything at all about OS X.