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Schema for Mac OS X attributes?

Does anyone know of a pre-defined schema for Mac OS X-specific attributes?

ie attribute entries (oid, EQUALITY and Syntax) for home_loc and applemail?

homeDirectory maps pretty well to Apple's NFSHome. I'd like to harvest Auth information via DirectoryServices, since this method is supported by Apple, and since I've gotten it work with iPlanet and ActiveDirectory.

I'm thinking probably a new schema, with an objectclass something like this:

objectclass ( NAME 'mosxAccount' SUP top AUXILIARY
        DESC 'Abstraction of account for Mac OS X'
        MUST ( homeDirLoc )
        MAY ( applemail ) )


attributetype ( (what goes hee?) NAME 'homeDirLoc'
        DESC 'Apple's XML blob for finding a home dir'
        EQUALITY caseExactIA5Match

attributetype ( (what goes hee?) NAME 'applemail'
        DESC 'Apple's XML blob for mail prefs'
        EQUALITY caseExactIA5Match

Can I arbitrarily define an oid? In iPlanet, I believe a unique oid was suggested when we added the attribute. AD did not require one- I just defined hom_loc as an optional user property.

(while I'm at it, will the above work for the hom_loc and applemail syntax?)

Ideas ?