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Re: replica log not being written

nate writes:

i've made a lot of progress on openldap in the past week.
my latest issue is trying to get replication working.
I saw another post in the archives of someone having
the same problem but there was no reply

I remember replying to a couple of questions like this;
there's also an ITS on the subject. a) Do you have any replica
set? If this is the case, b) did you use the suffix=<dn> attribute
in the replica? If you answered no to a) or yes to both a) and b)
you likely triggered the no replica no replog "feature".


anyways, I have openldap 2.0.23 running as non-root,
chowned all the files to the user(slapd:slapd). my
master config has the replog directive set to

i start slapd, and edit an entry, commit the changes,
replog and replog.lock are created but are 0 bytes.
no matter what i do i cannot get it to write to
the file. it has full permissions, running slapd
in debug 4095 doesn't show anything that i think
would be useful(if theres something specific to
look for in regaurds to replication, keywords
or something i'll check, but its a big logfile).

also running slurpd with debug of 200 doesn't
show anything either.

i don't think slurpd matters at this point
as slapd isn't writing anything in the logs
to begin with. is there anything in slapd
besides the replog directive that tells
it to write this log file? I imagine you
don't have to do replication itself for
it to write the log file. so for testing,
at this point i just would like to get
it to write to the log file.

or maybe theres a time interval between
updates? its been about 10 minutes and
still nothing written.

i am using ldapexplorer to modify the database,
and the debug info shows the db being updated,
and i can see the changes reflected in
ldapexplorer. so im lost!



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