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Re: replica log not being written

<quote who="Pierangelo Masarati">
> nate writes:

> I remember replying to a couple of questions like this;
> there's also an ITS on the subject.  a) Do you have any replica
> set? If this is the case, b) did you use the suffix=<dn> attribute
> in the replica? If you answered no to a) or yes to both a) and b)
> you likely triggered the no replica no replog "feature".
> Pierangelo.

heres my basic setup:

(Master server - ldap.mydomain.com) -
replogfile      /var/lib/ldap/replog

replica host=ldap2.mydomain.com:389
                bindmethod=simple credentials=blah

(Slave server - ldap2.mydomain.com) -

updateref       ldap://ldap.mydomain.com:389
updatedn        "cn=admin,o=myorganization,c=us"

the user cn=admin,o=myorganization,c=us has full rights
to the entire DB(its what im using to make the changes).

once i can get it working i'll set a better password and
look into making a dedicated account for replication.

currently i am just doing plain ldap, after its working
then i'll have the servers communicate over stunnel.
but for now to reduce complexity im not.

thanks for the quick reply!