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Re: New list member.

>I am completely new to the idea of OpenLDAP and need lots of 
>advice. I managed to create a couple of Linux based undergraduate labs in 
>our department using RH and Debian Linux flavors.
>Everything works great all undergrads are now using
>Linux/OpenOffice(StarOffice) and other soft for the class work. As a last
>touch I would like to implement some sort of centralized authentication
>service. I was not recommenced to use NIS in our environment, too
>insecure. I read on the web, that the openldap has being successfully used
>for this and many other purposes.
>I installed latest available rpm ...-21 and now are trying to do the 
>Would greatly appreciate if one can advice to me a good book keeping in 
>mind that I am sysadmin, not a programmer.
>Any sites where examples of conf for openldap for user authentication
>are given will be very appreciated.

I have an LDAP presentation with examples of such things at:

>If somebody have an experience with setting openldap in a small university
>department and would like to share his/her wisdom, their advice will be 
>highly appreciated.
>My first question:
>1) I have wrappers installed and I am blocking any requests coming from 

tcpwrappers?  Can you provide examples of entries that do/do-not work?

>outside of my domain. I found, however that openldap server only works if 
>I allow ALL to access my ldap server. 
>If I try to restrict ldap to my subnet by putting an IP range and try
>ldapsearch -x -b '' -s base '(objectclass=*)' namingContexts I get:
>ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server
>Is this is normal?

I would suppose not,  but I've never used tcpwrappers (?) with slapd.  

>For all other services I can put an IP range from which connections are 

What does netstat -ap look like on the LDAP server when it does not