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Re: LDAPExplorer

>Well, here is my next question. I am using LDAPExplorer to manage my LDAP 
>server from a browser.  It works fine but I discovered a major problem. 
>When I go into it and don't enter a password I can still see all of the 
>users. This isn't such a big deal except that I see their password and it 
>is not encrypted. It there a way to show it encrypted? Is there a way to 
>hide it so it is only seen when I enter the Manager password? Should it be 

You need to write some ACLs.  Passwords should not be visible.  You only 
(generally) need compare/auth access.

>hidden at all times and if so how would I change a users password through 
>LDAPExplorer or for that matter set the password whenever I add a new user 
>if it is hidden?

I don't think you can or want to change a password via LDAPExplorer (which 
we use here for lots on maint things).  It is better to use the passwd 

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