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LDAP database


I got my slapd up and running and I added some entries into the LDAP database using , but I believe the format wasn't correct.
here is one of the ldif files I used:

dn: cn=John Smith, dc=karthika,dc=com
cn: John Smith

another one was
dn: cn=Joe Macdonald, dc=karthika,dc=com
cn: John Smith

No the above is not a typo, I really did leave the CNs for both the same (by accident).

anyhow when I do a search using ldapsearch on objectclass = *
I get a return result of 2 - which is correct
other output is:
result: 34 Invalid DN syntax
text: invalid DN
#numResponses: 1

When I try deleting John Smith using :
ldapdelete -d "cn=Manager,dc=karthika,dc=com" -w secret "cn=john smith,dc=karthika,dc=com"
I get the following error:
ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: no such attribute

Is there some way I can purge this database and start over? (if I have trouble deleting the entries)


Fozia Zaidi
Software Designer
Karthika Technologies
Toronto, ON, Canada
Email: fzaidi@karthika.com   Web: http://www.karthika.com