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Re: Insertion of national characters using LDAP 2

On Wednesday, 30. January 2002 09:19, Jakob Breivik Grimstveit wrote:
> Is it possible to insert national characters (norwegian æøå, that is ae oe
> and aa) into the directory using LDAP2 and ANSI? We have and old
> application which cannot read LDAP3 UTF-8, and therefore need to have the
> entired directory bulk-loaded with LDAP2.

generally speaking it is not possible to import norwegian characters into a 
directory with LDAP V2 because the protocol defines a T.61 character encoding.

Some directory implementations don't care about whatever you put store in the 
directory but that is a violation of the standard. If you can define your own 
schema you could define new attributes as binary data (and store whatever you 
like in it), but if you can't change your application at all, you are in 

> If this isn't possible I'm afraid OpenLDAP doesn't suit us, and we would
> have to stop the project.

Stephan Siano

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