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RE: Insertion of national characters using LDAP 2

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> On Wednesday, 30. January 2002 09:19, Jakob Breivik Grimstveit wrote:
> > Is it possible to insert national characters (norwegian æøå, that is ae oe
> > and aa) into the directory using LDAP2 and ANSI? We have and old
> > application which cannot read LDAP3 UTF-8, and therefore need to have the
> > entired directory bulk-loaded with LDAP2.
> Hi,
> generally speaking it is not possible to import norwegian characters into a
> directory with LDAP V2 because the protocol defines a T.61 character
> encoding.

Generally speaking, yes. I believe the characters used in the example are
defined in T.61 so they should work with a conforming LDAPv2 server.
(ae is 0xF1 in T.61, U+00E6 in Unicode; oe is 0xF9, U+00F8;
 aa is 0xCA/0x61, U+00E5.)

> Some directory implementations don't care about whatever you put
> store in the
> directory but that is a violation of the standard. If you can define
> your own
> schema you could define new attributes as binary data (and store
> whatever you
> like in it), but if you can't change your application at all, you are in
> trouble...

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