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Re: back-ldap: proxying legacy apps to legacy or V3 servers

"Randall S. Winchester" wrote:
> Is there not some library routine that the current slapd uses when a
> LDAP-V2 client connects to it?
> I would think it acceptable for the proxy to only support ;
> 1) LDAP-V2 client <-- LDAP-V2 server
> 2) LDAP-V3 client <-- LDAP-V3 server
> 3) LDAP-V2 client <-- LDAP-V3 server supporting LDAP-V2 clients
> and not support
> 4) LDAP-V3 client <-- LDAP-V2 server
> Then the only conversion would be for "3)" which I would think is already
> supported somehow?

As Howard said, it is not; only option 2) is truly supported (to the
OpenLDAP client library and server implement LDAPv3); all the other 
combinations (of course option 4) is not) are supported as soon as the
values stick with the common part of T61 UTF-8 (plain ascii or so, I
The fact the current implementation also speaks LDAPv2 is a matter of
(i.e., I assume, supported/understood ber tags) which has little to do
the values that are transported.  The latter are always UTF-8,
of the requested/agreed protocol version (or, at least, that's how I
it; someone else perhaps may better clarify this point).


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