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Kulbir.S.Thind wrote...:

> I'm very new to LDAP and having a problem which hopefully someone
> will be able to help with.  We're trying to retrieve values from an
> LDAP server from within one of our applications.  I've got the
> sample application to work and it retrieves values back.  If
> however the results are too large (I'm guessing that this is the
> problem) I'm returned an error code of LDAP_SIZELIMIT_EXCEEDED. 
> The C application is using the ldap_search_s function.

this means that the number of entries to be returned for the given 
search filter exceeds the maximum number specified as "sizelimit" in 
slapd.conf. (the default is 500 AFAIR) if you really want to query 
thousands of entries with one search, you may include e.g.
sizelimit 100000
in your slapd.conf, which will, obviously, allow the server to return a 
maximum of 100000 entries..

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