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Re: Password Problem

.. you are qmail then check you /var/qmail/rc script
which initiates your qmail daemons .. there it is
written splogger which directs logs to SYSLOGD daemon
on that line after env just write DEBUGLEVEL=255
and then start qmail .. and do a tail -f of the syslog
log file and check out you errors .. either ways you
can download daemontols from qmail.org and install it
and then separate your SMTP and POP logs .. 
chekc its documentation .. if you are not able to do
it .. then i can give you the specifics how to set up

and as for courier-IMAP it also directs the logs to
SYSLOGD .. it will just give you login failed if you
have the wrong encryption .. dont use SHA it is not
supported either by qmail or courier-imap also
checkout if you authdaemons are getting binded by
authldap .. if not then just move alll the other auth*
files binaries except authldapdaemond is .. 
and then start imapd.rc ..

hope it helps.

can anyone tell me Y GQ does the correct encyption and
y  OPENLDAP does not .. 
i checked out the GQ code . it does base_64 DES
encryption .. whereas OpenLDAP does MD5 ..

- Rajat

--- Fernando Barros <fernando@officer.com.br> wrote:
> Ok lets go...
> (See below)
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Raf Meeusen
> To: Fernando Barros
> Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 12:10 PM
> Subject: Re: Password Problem
> It depends on your logger and mailserver-software to
> know how to config
> more debugging info...
> Can you log into your mailserver with that password?
> -> No. This is my problem. Neither with pop, nor
> with imap. But I only
> create this account in my ldap server.
> If not, than make sure you have a password that
> works.
> If so, than the values into LDAP are incorrect.
> How do you save the passwords in your LDAP tree? 
> And how do you insert
> data into that tree?  Have you scripts?  Are you
> using a special kind of
> encryption you use...
> -> I do it this way:
> -> ldappasswd -x -v -w pass_adm -s pass_user -D
> "cn=root,dc=officer,dc=BR"
> -> "uid=user,ou=accounts,dc=officer,dc=BR"
> -> Where can i find a good documentation about 
> kinds of encryption? I was
> trying to find hashtype but i coundn´t...
> -> Another problem is when i look up in my ldap by
> qmail(mailserver), in
> userPassword i have:
> -> {SSHA}vtb....
> -> and at end i get the message: "password compare
> was not succesful".
> -> I think the problem is when i set the password by
> this line command
> above....
> -> Thks again!!!
> -> Fernando
> Please explain your complete setup, its easier for
> us.
> regards,

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