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Re: Password Problem

Ok lets go...
(See below)

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From: Raf Meeusen
To: Fernando Barros
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 12:10 PM
Subject: Re: Password Problem

It depends on your logger and mailserver-software to know how to config
more debugging info...

Can you log into your mailserver with that password?
-> No. This is my problem. Neither with pop, nor with imap. But I only
create this account in my ldap server.

If not, than make sure you have a password that works.
If so, than the values into LDAP are incorrect.

How do you save the passwords in your LDAP tree?  And how do you insert
data into that tree?  Have you scripts?  Are you using a special kind of
encryption you use...
-> I do it this way:
-> ldappasswd -x -v -w pass_adm -s pass_user -D "cn=root,dc=officer,dc=BR"
-> "uid=user,ou=accounts,dc=officer,dc=BR"
-> Where can i find a good documentation about  kinds of encryption? I was
trying to find hashtype but i coundn´t...
-> Another problem is when i look up in my ldap by qmail(mailserver), in
userPassword i have:
-> {SSHA}vtb....
-> and at end i get the message: "password compare was not succesful".
-> I think the problem is when i set the password by this line command
-> Thks again!!!
-> Fernando

Please explain your complete setup, its easier for us.