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win32client and linux server

Hi All,
I got the LDAP source and compiled it successfully,so finally I am using
SLAPD server that comes bundled with Linux and the win32 clients that I got
it from OpenLdap org.
I have got all the exe's like ldapadd.exe,ldapmodify.exe,..and some other.
Now my problem is that If I use the linux clients then It is working fine
i.e. I am able to do some operations like add,delete,modify entries.
But if I use the win32 clients then I am not able to access the server Some
binding problems..it says,even when I try to get access thru root Dn "-D"
and "-w".
can any one help me as why this is happening,Is it B'coz of some
configuration file's entries or some thing else.