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Re: replicating subtrees

Daniel Tiefnig wanted us to know:

>> code in the second slurpd process and replog file.  Is slurpd
>> supposed to parse the slapd.conf file and get all instances of
>> replication or does it have to be started seperately for each
>> database that requires replication? 
>slurpd can only replicate one database, but that to several slaves. 
>you'll have to create a slurpd.conf for each backend to be replicated.

I haven't checked the absolute latest version, but I'd suggest that a
sentence or two be added to the replica section of slapd.conf.5 and/or
the slurpd.8.  The sentence ought to make it quite clear that slurpd
will only go live on the replica host(s) defined in the first database
where replicas are defined and you'll have to add a line to your init 
script to start any replication defined in subsequent databases.

Thanks for your reply!
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