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RE: objectclass index

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote...:
> At 07:51 AM 2001-12-14, Howard Chu wrote:
>>You should only be using eq index for objectclass. If you never
>>intend to use objectclass as a search parameter, you should not
>>index it at all. With only 3 objectclasses in your database, there
>>doesn't seem to be much need. 
> NO! you should always have an equality index on objectClass,
> other referral management (even when you have no referral objects)
> will not have index support.

hmm, thought that you'll have another opinion on this one, kurt.. but
how's about howards announce of the patch: 

quoting "howard chu":
| Ah yes. In that case, you might as well use the eq index. I don't
| know if the patch will be in 2.0.19, but I have corrected this
| behavior in the development stream. If your search does not include
| the objectclass attribute in the filter, then those additional
| objectclass tests(referral and alias) will not occur. (They are
| superfluous when nothing else in the filter references
| objectclass.) 

you agree with that, or does this contradict with your understanding
of how referrals should be handled by slapd..?
(i'm a bit confused at the moment.. :o)