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Re: Redhat 7.2 ldap authentication takes two logins

>   Has anybody on the list upgraded to Redhat 7.2 and had problems with
>ldap and TLS. Apologies if this is related to TLS rather than openldap, I
>don't know where the source of the problem lies.

Sorry, the problem lies with ME, the SSL certificate was signed with the
hostname it should have been the FQDN hostname (thanks to
www.raphinou.com/ldaps/LDAP-SSL.HOWTO). Not only off list but a bad case
of RTDM.

>I have ldap authentication using TLS working with RedHat 7.1 kernel
>2.4.3-12 (openldap 2.0.11-8, openssh 2.5.2p2-5, nss_ldap 149-4, openssl
>0.9.6-9) on a 800MHz 686.

>When upgrade or new install a client to 7.2 kernel 2.4.7-10 (openldap
>2.0.11-13, openssh 2.9p2-12, openssl 0.9.6b-8) it takes two logins before
>it will authenticate to either 7.2 or 7.1 server, the logins do not need
>to be the same user. However an existing 7.1 client will ldap
>authenticate to the 7.2 server.

Barry Wright