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RE: objectclass index

At 07:51 AM 2001-12-14, Howard Chu wrote:
>You should only be using eq index for objectclass. If you never intend to
>use objectclass as a search parameter, you should not index it at all. With
>only 3 objectclasses in your database, there doesn't seem to be much need.

NO! you should always have an equality index on objectClass,
other referral management (even when you have no referral objects)
will not have index support.

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>> hi list,
>> for openldap2.0.X, does (should) it make any difference in performance
>> whether i'm indexing objectclass "eq" or "pres"? most important is of
>> course search performance, but also modifications, or at all the
>> creation of the db with slapadd are interesting. i think "pres" inedxing
>> should be adequate..
>> the db will have just three objectclasses btw. (top and qmailuser, and
>> one "organizationalunit" as it's suffix-root-entry..) and _no_ referral
>> objects..
>> daniel